Workers of St. Alban's

About WSA

Workers of St. Alban’s, better known as WSA, manages St. Alban’s largest outreach ministry, as measured by dollars. WSA acts as the steward of funds generated by the St. Alban’s Opportunity Shop. These funds are distributed by WSA to programs providing direct assistance to people in need. 

As stated in its mission, “WSA (Workers of St. Alban’s), fulfilling its Christian obligation, supports projects that alleviate human suffering and directly affect and help those persons who are disenfranchised by poverty or are underserved.”

WSA is an all-volunteer operation, with a focus on sending dollars to work outside St. Alban’s Parish. WSA celebrates the contributions to its work by people inside and outside the Parish, and also the bargains offered by the Opportunity Shop to people in need.

If your organization would like to apply for a grant from the WSA, download these documents:

For more information, contact Robin Rudd.

There are three easy ways to support WSA’s  mission:

  1. Shop at the Opportunity Shop
  2. Donate saleable goods
  3. Volunteer at the Op Shop as a clerk, pricer, or cashier.