Registration for all Youth Groups

Online Registration for the 2023-24 Program Year for all four youth groups (grades 7-12) can be found here. Please complete a separate form for each youth being enrolled. Thanks!



All Youth Groups meet immediately following the 9:00 a.m. service until 11:15 a.m.

Youth Group Class Locations:

Class Name Grade Room Name Location
Rite 13 7th-8th Antioch Satterlee Hall, Lower Level
J2A Group 9th-10th Corinth Satterlee Hall, Lower Level
Sr. Youth 11th-12th St. Columba Satterlee Hall, Lower Level


Rite 13

The first two years of the Journey to Adulthood program (Grades 6 and 7) celebrate the individual gifts and abilities of each young person and their creative potential. Students build a strong foundation of faith under the themes of Spirituality, Society and Self, in a supportive community of their peers, while exploring Biblical stories. The Rite 13 liturgy at the end of the second year serves as a rite of passage as this group moves from childhood towards adulthood. For more information about Rite 13, contact The Rev. Yoimel Gonzalez Hernandez.


Following Rite 13, teens in the J2A class continue to develop skills they will need in adulthood.under the themes of Spirituality, Society, and Self. These include active listening, assertion, negotiation, research and information management, partnership and leadership. There is an increased awareness and exploration of how to see life through a Christian lens.

At the end of the second year of J2A, participants explore and celebrate their faith by designing and experiencing a Holy Pilgrimage. Recent trips have been to Wales, Ireland, Taiwan, Spain, Northern Ireland and Greece. Teens often describe these trips as life changing, many experiencing the close presence of God in new and powerful ways.

For more information about the J2A Group, please contact The Rev. Yoimel Gonzalez Hernandez. To register for the current program year, click here.

Senior Youth Group

The Senior Youth Group moves the conversations started in Rite 13 around themes of Spirituality, Society, and Self. The first of the two years concentrates on a close examination of our Baptismal Covenant—the promises made, usually on our behalf, when we are baptized as infants—exploring what we profess to believe as Christians. This first year they received classes for confirmation and many of the youth chose to be confirmed. In the second year the conversation focuses on what the youth believe and the questions of faith with which they wrestle. For more information about Senior Youth Group, please contact The Rev. Yoimel Gonzalez Hernandez.

Youth in Service

Youth at St. Alban’s have many opportunities to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ, both here at St. Alban’s as ushers, acolytes, lay readers and singers, as well as more broadly in the DC area and in our region.

Grate Patrol

For over a decade St. Alban’s youth have participated in Grate Patrol.  One of the four youth groups participates each month in rotation, meeting on the second Friday of the month from September to June.  The group assigned meets at church at 5:00 p.m. to assemble over 150 bag lunches, and warm almost a dozen large casseroles that have been prepared by a separate adult group earlier in the week.  We have fellowship time together over a shared meal, then board the Grate Patrol van which transports us to distribute the food we’ve prepared and often other items that have been collected.  We put the food we’ve prepared directly into the hands of the homeless of our nation’s capitol.  The connection to our baptismal covenant is made real over and over again.  For more information about youth participation in Grate Patrol, please contact The Rev’d Yoimel Gonzalez Hernandez.

Youth Trip

The J2A experience culminates in a Highschool pilgrimage. In past years our youth have traveled to Ireland, England, France, Iceland and beyond.