Who we are

Our growing chorister program provides children and youth from kindergarten and up with outstanding vocal training, music theory, and leadership development, as well as social and spiritual development.  No previous musical experience is required, only an eagerness to learn and sing!  We have a diverse array of choristers from all walks of life and varied backgrounds with a healthy mix of both young boys and girls.

Primarily a Saturday and Sunday morning program, with no tuition cost to parents, this is one of the best ways in the DC area for your child to receive a musical education surpassing what is traditionally offered in our area’s school systems.  

Children of any religious affiliation, or no affiliation, are warmly welcomed. Children need not be members of St. Alban’s parish, school, or any other organization to participate and grow in our ensemble.  As choristers participate in the parish’s worship, they learn about Christian faith and the Episcopal tradition in an environment that teaches God’s love for everyone and respects other faith traditions. 

Questions? Contact Chorister Program Director Joseph Kaz


Rehearsals are Saturday mornings at 10am. The Choristers provide various musical offerings at services at least once a month.  Offerings range between singing with the Parish Choir, singing at Children’s Chapel and other youth services, to stand alone anthems during services.  

What we do

  • The Chorister’s at St. Alban’s is about far more than developing musical skills alone – we provide a program dedicated to the social, musical, and spiritual development of children.  Additionally, our choristers often serve as leaders in worship, developing their important leadership skills.  
  • Each chorister receives individual attention in a stimulating, challenging, yet fun environment.
  • The wide range of ages encourages teamwork — the younger children learn from older choristers.  
  • Musically, we provide singing opportunities in a wide range of styles coming from the diverse repertoire of the Anglican tradition, as well as more modern pieces for children’s choir.  

Becoming a chorister

  • Children may join at any time.
  • Visit us for a rehearsal or service.
  • No prior training or experience is required.
  • There are no required tuition fees, unlike many comparable programs; the strong commitment both parents and children make is all that is required.

The chorister sound

During the pandemic our chorister offerings were all virtual. Some selections included:

The Angel Rolled the Stone Away

Loving Lamb

Our Lord and Christ Arose Today