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A Message from our Rector


Beloved in Christ,

I decided to be baptized in the Episcopal Church on a sunny day in Los Angeles. I had been attending churches in a number of denominations, trying to sense where I felt most clearly the life-giving presence of Christ. I was at the Episcopal parish that morning because I knew that a bishop was preaching, and I wanted to hear what a church leader sounded like. As the processional hymn swelled on the organ, I looked up with dismay to see a frail old man in eighteenth-century robes come tottering down the aisle. (I learned later that he was almost 90, and had suffered a stroke the previous year.) As he trembled his way into the pulpit, I prepared to be very, very bored.

To my utter surprise, that ancient man galvanized the church. He laid into us with a Christian and deeply human analysis of contemporary life, its promises and its failure to make good on them. He was insightful, cutting, and spoke to my heart of the love of God for the poorest, the most marginal, those we too easily despise. And my heart began to sing in response. That man crystallized for me what I had been seeing in other senior members of our congregation: in this church, people continued to grow and to be challenged at all ages. These were not people whose opinions had been set in stone at age forty. Rather, they continued to be fully alive until they came, at the end, to the fullness of eternal life. With that insight, I knew I had found my spiritual home.

St. Alban’s offers many opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth in Christ. That’s because curiosity is at the heart of being a Christian. Christianity is a continuous call to grow more deeply into the truth of ourselves, of the world as it is, of God, who made us and the world and all that is in it. That’s what a disciple is: one who learns. K.H. Schelkle writes, “while the disciple of a rabbi wants to become a rabbi himself, the disciple of Jesus wants some day to become…a disciple!” It’s a key distinction: when we study a subject, our goal is to master it, but living into Christ is an aim audacious enough to challenge us to grow all our days.

In a culture which too often offers us a choice between reason and faith, the Episcopal Church stands firmly for the ancient truth that the life of the mind is integral to the life of the spirit, for God, who is the Author of Truth, speaks to us in many ways. This Fall, take advantage of what is here, whether it be a class, a speaker, an opportunity to pray or to serve. Strengthen your current interests, discover new ones, fine new friends in Christ. God waits only upon our invitation to make our soul blossom.


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Focus on Feeding


One in eight District households is struggling against hunger. We invite you to prayerfully consider whether you can help one of St. Alban’s three feeding ministries. You can find more information on our Ministries page.

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