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A Message from our Rector


Beloved in Christ,

            What a rich few weeks we have had! With Lent and Holy Week, images of resurrection and testimonies of new life, a creative retreat, two prayer retreats, and the celebration of the anniversary of our parish, with the wonderful coming-together of so many people of all ages to share a meal and conversation, to make food for others, and, most important of all, to give one another the gift of time together.

            As we enter Easter season, seven weeks before Pentecost in which we move from reaching toward new life to living into it, this is a time to savor joy: the beauty of this world, the joy of time with friends, the joy of seniors who will be graduating and of young children who still have time to be at home before they start kindergarden next year.

            Early in Lent, at the start of our Holy Cross retreat, Borther Robert gave us a meditation which I’d like to share with you in part:

Fast from judging others
            Feast on Christ dwelling in them
Fast from emphasis on difference
            Feast on the unity of life
Fast from apparent darkness
            Feast on the reality of light

            Feast on the reality of light. We need those times of feasting; we need them because there is much in this world that needs our witness of active compassion — the same witness Christ himself gave when he fed the hungry, healed the sick, reached out to include the alien and the outcast. It can be hard to learn to do this; the problems seem overwhelming, and there is little any of us can do to change them.

            Alice Walker writes, “It has become a common feeling…that our own small stone of activism, which might not seem to measure up to the rugged boulders of heroism we have so admired, is a paltry offering toward the building of an edifice of hope. Many who believe this choose to withhold their offerings out of shame…[But] we can do nothing substantial toward changing our course on the planet, a destructive one, without rousing ourselves, individual by individual, and bringing our small, imperfect stones to the pile.” (Cited in The Sun, May 2014)

            In his earthly life, Christ did not do big things, but small ones. From him flowed a constant stream of mercy, bettering the life of one child, one sick person, one woman, one man at a time. And yet, when we look at his life, what we see is not a paltry offering, but a glorious crescendo of love, light overflowing to lighten a whole world.

            Surely we, too, can follow his example. Help one person each day, or even one each week, and you’ll be amazed by the growth of the light!

            Happy Easter,

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Focus on Feeding


One in eight District households is struggling against hunger. We invite you to prayerfully consider whether you can help one of St. Alban’s three feeding ministries. You can find more information on our Ministries page.

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