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Welcome to St. Alban’s Church! Every Sunday, and most days in between, people gather in this place to worship, to learn, to grow, to share the joys and struggles of our lives, and to seek God’s grace in the midst of our lives. We do not come because we have it all figured out, but because we are seeking light on the way. We come as we are and welcome one another.

On this website, you can find information about our worship, our classes for people of all ages, membership at St. Alban's, and about how we seek to make a difference in this world. We warmly encourage you to join us for a Sunday service or for some of the many other events that happen here. You belong at St. Alban’s.

Please fill out this welcome form to connect with us.

Contact us with any questions. Call (202) 363-8286 or email the church office.


Service Times

SUNDAY SERVICES (after Labor Day through May)
8:00 a.m.       Holy Eucharist: Rite I (spoken)

9:00  a.m.      Holy Eucharist: Rite II

                        Children's Chapel

11:15 a.m.      Misa in Español (Little Sanctuary)

11:15 a.m.      Holy Eucharist: Rite II (Rite I during Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter)

Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday, 9:00 a.m.  Daily Morning Prayer

Tuesday, 7:30 a.m.                                    Holy Eucharist: Rite II


St. Alban’s Episcopal Church is located next to the Washington National Cathedral at the corner of Massachusetts and Wisconsin Avenues in the northwest section of the District of Columbia.

From either direction on the north loop of the Capital Beltway/I-495 follow signs for Route 355/Wisconsin Ave south toward DC. St. Alban’s is located on the left just before the intersection of Massachusetts and Wisconsin Avenues NW. Make a left onto Lych Gate Rd before you reach Massachusetts Ave. As you enter the drive, the church will be on your left and Satterlee Hall and the Rectory on the right. Stay on Lych Gate until it becomes Pilgrim Rd.

From any Virginia main in-bound thoroughfare (George Washington Memorial Parkway, I-395, Route 50, I-66), follow signs to Rosslyn and take the Key Bridge from Rosslyn north across the Potomac River into Georgetown. Go right on M St, left on Wisconsin Ave. St. Alban’s is located on the right just after the intersection of Massachusetts and Wisconsin Avenues NW. Make a right onto Lych Gate Rd after passing Massachusetts. As you enter the drive, the church will be on your left and Satterlee Hall and the Rectory on the right. Stay on Lych Gate until it becomes Pilgrim Rd.

Parking is available on Pilgrim Road Monday-Friday after 3:30 pm and all day Saturday and Sunday. Parking is also available in the Cathedral’s underground garage for a fee Monday- Saturday and for free on Sunday.  You may also park on neighborhood streets according to DC parking signs.

What to Expect

Visiting a church for the first time can be a bit daunting. So we have tried to put together the answers to some of the questions you’re likely to have and to ensure that you find a warm welcome here. Click on the questions to learn more.)

How do you worship?

What time are services on Sunday morning?

How long do services last?

Where can I park?

Do you offer programs for children?

What should I wear?

Do you have provisions for the differently-abled?

For Your Kids

Children’s Ministry

At St. Alban’s Parish the formation of our children is a high priority.  While we know that a significant amount of a child’s faith comes from the home, we aim to provide excellent children’s formation throughout the year to complement the formation that is ongoing in a child’s life.  Our goal is to help children easily point to the love of God in their lives.

Worship: Children’s Chapel meets at the start of the 9:00 a.m. service in Nourse Hall. Children join the congregation in "big church" at the Peace, in time for Eucharist.

Education: All church school classes resume the Sunday after Labor Day with our annual Open House. Instruction starts the following Sunday. 

Nursery care: Child care is available from 9:00 to 11:05 a.m. during the program year (September to May) for infants and children under 3 who aren’t quite ready for our 2s & 3s class.

Learn more about Children's Ministries

Youth Ministry

Four teen groups participate in formation classes at St. Alban’s on Sunday mornings.  We use the nationally recognized Episcopal curriculum “Journey to Adulthood," or J2A.  J2A has two guiding principles: 1) Manhood and womanhood are gifts of God; and 2) Adulthood must be earned. This is a strong program with over 50 youth participating, many of whom engage in a wide variety of ministries at St. Alban’s. Two or three adults mentor each of the groups for two years, sharing their own faith journeys and forming strong bonds of fellowship with the participants. 

Worship:  St. Alban’s Teen Service Fellowship starts at 9:00 a.m. and is a separate service just for our teens held in the Little Sanctuary at St. Albans School. This interactive service offers teens time to talk about life, the Gospel, and to celebrate Eucharist together.  The teens return to "big church," before heading to their classes at the conclusion of the 9:00 a.m. worship service.  Friends are always welcome.

Learn more about Youth Ministries

The Episcopal Church

As Episcopalians, we follow Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe God is active in our everyday lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.  

The mission of the Church is to restore all people to unity with God and with each other in Christ. The Church pursues its mission as it prays and worships, proclaims the gospel, and promotes justice, peace and love. The Church carries out its mission through the ministry of all of its members.

We uphold the Bible and worship with the Book of Common Prayer. We believe the Holy Scriptures are the revealed Word of God. In worship we unite ourselves with one another to acknowledge the holiness of God, to hear God's Word, to offer prayer and praise, and to celebrate the Sacraments. The Celebration of Holy Eucharist is the central act of worship in accordance with Jesus' command to His disciples. Holy Communion may be received by all baptized Christians, not only members of the Episcopal Church.

The Episcopal Church is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion with 70 million members in 165 countries.  The word "Episcopal" refers to government by bishops. The historic episcopate continues the work of the first apostles in the Church, guarding the faith, unity and discipline of the Church. Both men and women, including those who are married, are eligible for ordination as deacons, priests and bishops. 

We strive to love our neighbors as ourselves and respect the dignity of every person. We welcome all to find a spiritual home in the Episcopal Church.

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Vestry News & Meeting Minutes

05.24.19 | News, Connect

    Vestry meetings are usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm in Room 301 of Satterlee Hall, and are open to all. The Senior Warden provides a summary of each month's meeting.

    Vestry News, May 2019

    Ted Swett began the May 22, 2019 Vestry meeting with a lovely personal reflection on faith, centered on what it means to honor the first, great commandment: that we love God. His story was inspired by the writing of a college friend who is in the throes of an illness that, absent a miracle or rapid advances in medicine, will likely soon take his life. This friend has chronicled his struggles with messages of finding love in each day. Ted’s reflections cited a wonderful Peanuts cartoon that I thought worth sharing:

    In financial matters, the Vestry approved a recommendation coming out of the Finance Committee that the Parish establish an operating liquidity account to take advantage of the fact that our “checking” account at various times holds money from a number of designated funds as well as regular cash flow that isn’t needed for immediate access. We will transfer into this new account a significant amount of these funds that will bear interest at a higher rate; this action promises to yield annually the equivalent of 2+ average pledges. Thanks and congratulations to the Finance Committee!

    The Junior Warden reported that contractor availability has caused delays on the church office renovations previously approved by the Vestry. The Vestry also approved at this week’s meeting expenditures for repairs to the Rectory, including replacement of the accessibility ramp with a safer and more visually appealing one, repairs and painting of the screen porch, a new storm door and replacement of one of the toilets. The water infiltration problem affecting Satterlee and to a lesser extent Nourse Hall continues to be evaluated by the Building and Grounds Committee, drawing on the expertise of Marc Fetterman. Finally, I am happy to report that by the end of June the church should finally have high-speed internet service.

    Considerable discussion by the Vestry centered around the May 11 meeting with parishioners who regularly attend the Spanish liturgy. The meeting was attended by the Bishop, the Diocesan Missioner for Spanish Congregations, Geoffrey, Emily, myself, and many members of the Vestry. Early in the meeting, the Bishop recounted the history of the San Albano service, which was begun by the Diocese but continued by St. Alban’s after the Diocese decided not to put further resources into it. While the anticipatory sense of loss accompanying Debbie Kirk’s departure continued to be aired at the May 11 meeting, there was also constructive dialogue about how to best realize the model of more fully incorporating the Spanish liturgy participants into the parish as a whole while preserving the unique aspects of that service. At this week’s Vestry meeting, the Vestry furthered that discussion, expressing support for the formation of the committee envisioned at the May 11 meeting to help implement the new model. The committee is to be made up of Spanish-service regulars, English-service parishioners, and one or more Vestry members. The importance of the ideas from that committee being regularly communicated to the Vestry was stressed.

    One theme that has emerged from various conversations with San Albano parishioners is the latter’s desire to feel recognized for contributing to the overall good of the entire parish. Geoffrey continues to stress that we are trying something new with our approach to fuller incorporation of our Spanish-speaking members, and its success will involve commitment and attention by not only the church leadership but by the Spanish-speaking parishioners, those who are bilingual, and those who speak only English.

    Vestry News, April 2019

    by Senior Warden Ken Patterson

    The April 10 Vestry meeting was thoughtfully begun with Vestry member Adrienne Allison’s description of the role that faith has played in her life, and particularly in her career choices. These testimonies continue to assist us in getting to know one another better and to keep on eye on “what matters” as we act on behalf of St. Alban’s.

    Glenn Davis presented a thorough overview of our youth and children’s ministries, including a reminder that the need and time to identify new leaders for all our young people’s classes will soon be upon us.

    St. Alban’s financial health continues: pledge income for March was 21% over budget and 46% above last March; last night we received notice of our 300th 2019 pledge; and the endowment approaches $5 million. March attendance was up 5% from last year, and Robin Rudd reported an unprecedented level of contributions for memorial flowers for Easter with a significant number of those coming from new parishioners.

    The Vestry was formally introduced to the Rev. Yoimel Gonzalez Hernandez and unanimously affirmed his call to be our new Associate Rector. His initial roles include leading our youth ministries and being pastorally available to our parishioners who speak only Spanish. Also by unanimous consent, we endorsed Sara Thorne as a candidate for ordination to the Diaconate.

    In other business, up to $16,000 from the Reserve Fund was authorized for updates to existing offices and expansion into the mail room and current parlor to accommodate staff needs. The Rev. Emily Griffin also announced the receipt of a grant from the Tucker Foundation to outfit an additional Godly Play classroom.

    Ruth Cline and Bob Witten were thanked for their participation in a Montgomery County police seminar on safety and security for houses of worship. Emily Griffin, Lucy Fraser Cage and I will be meeting with Cathedral security on this topic, and hope to combine all these learnings for a forum or other presentation to the parish at large.

    The Vestry also received the report of the Governance Committee regarding the advisability of appointing a Parish Chancellor. The report made recommendations about the duties, appointment process and term for this position, as well as on issues such as avoiding conflicts of interest. We approved appointment of a Chancellor consistent with the report’s recommendations, and Laura Ingersoll was unanimously selected to fill the position. 

    Begging the forgiveness of my Vestry colleagues, I am taking the liberty of reporting out from the April 10 executive session of the Vestry. These sessions are confidential, but I do not believe that disclosing the nature of the discussions would meet with objection from my colleagues. The recent announcement that the Rev. Debbie Kirk will be leaving St. Alban’s has been met with understandable sorrow by members who attend our 11:15 Liturgy in Spanish. It has also been interpreted by some as an indication of diminished support for that part of our ministry. In addition to expressing praise and gratitude for Debbie’s work and legacy at St. Alban’s, Vestry members voiced continued and enthusiastic support for our Spanish-speaking members, as well as a desire to work with them to ensure that, under a new model where all our clergy share in the leadership of Spanish language worship, that those who attend this liturgy are honored and supported as full participants in the life of the whole parish, while retaining all that makes this part of our congregation distinctive.

    Vestry News, March 2019

    by Senior Warden Ken Patterson

    Our March 20 meeting was kicked off by Junior Warden Lucy Fraser Cage, with reflections on her faith journey including the important role St. Alban’s has played in her adult life, as part of the new Vestry tradition of our members sharing how we have “grown in faith.”
    Dudley Winthrop presented an overview of the Parish’s financial situation. The 2019 pledge campaign represented a 5% increase over 2018, with 29 new pledging households. Pledge income for February 2019 was 2% over budget, and 17% above last February, and thus far in March pledge income is already $9,000 above last March. Our endowment Fund is at an all-time high, $4.8 million as of February’s end. The Reserve Fund is above its normative balance.
    Sales at the Opportunity Shop to date are up 11% over last year, and the WSA has approved $43,000 in grants to six organizations. Also, our average Sunday attendance (352) last month was higher than it has been at any point in the last decade. 
    Paul Brewster, Vestry liaison to the Worship and Newcomers’ Committees, reported on those areas. From his perspective as a Verger, all things related to our worship are flowing smoothly, but noted that attention is being devoted to issues such as how to best seat our larger choir, lay readers and acolytes during services, and concerns that the 8:00 service can feel rushed as 9:00 a.m. attendees gather. (We appreciate anything our early arrivals to the 9:00 a.m. can do to visit quietly in the Narthex.). Paul also reported a successful acolyte training, including four new recruits. His presentation on the Newcomers’ ministry generated a spirited discussion on things the Vestry could do to assist. The Junior Warden and I agreed to explore ways to enhance a related issue, how and when we advertise to the external community.
    Emily Griffin, Paul Brewster and Glenn Davis will be representing St. Alban’s in contributing to the Diocese’s Strategic Planning Process at a March 30 session of the North DC Regional Leadership Team that Emily co-chairs.  Our Vestry members agreed to complete the Unstuck Church Assessment tool to assist in this work.

    Vestry News, February 2019

    by Senior Warden Ken Patterson

    The first gathering of the 2019 Vestry of St. Alban’s was a delightful and inspiring retreat at the Claggett Center, where we discussed the parish on the “church life cycle” as contemplated in Tony Morgan’s work on the "Unstuck Church." The consensus was that we find ourselves in an upswing period of strategic growth: financially healthy, increasing in attendance, and up to the task of continuing to do God’s work in our community and the world in myriad ways!

    Geoffrey invited us to share our own faith journeys at the retreat--how we each have approached the Christian mission of following Jesus and having a "life worth living"--which grew into a discussion on how we as a parish can best help others follow Jesus and enjoy lives of meaning, value, spiritual growth and generosity.

    My first Vestry meeting as your Senior Warden was a jam-packed and productive one that began with a Eucharist in the Nave and installation of the new Wardens and Vestry members. At our business meeting, I was happy to kick off a new practice of sharing my testimony about growing in faith; we plan at upcoming Vestry meetings to have each Vestry member take a turn sharing a story of how they have grown in their faith or tackled some theological dilemma, or a life crisis with God at their side.

    The business of the evening included appointing the following persons for new one-year terms: Hollis McLoughlin as Treasurer; Ted Swett as Secretary; and, Corinna Gilmore and Woodfen McLean as Youth Representatives to the Vestry. We also confirmed that Barbara Manard, Ted Swett and Heather Sondel will continue as Diocesan Delegates until their respective elected terms end. Amy Vandersluis continues as our alternate Diocesan delegate. The position of Parish Chancellor, recently vacated by Mary Kostel who is now the Chancellor to the Presiding Bishop, was not appointed last night; rather, the Vestry referred to the Governance Committee the task of developing a description of the role of the Chancellor and making a recommendation as to how the Chancellor is selected.

    Junior Warden Lucy Fraser Cage updated us on efforts to evaluate and address water-infiltration issues in the basement floors of Satterlee and Nourse Halls. There were two highlights of the Vestry meeting. First was a presentation by Josepha Musabyemariya and Adrienne Allison, Vestry leads on our Global Missions work, on the state of that ministry, followed by a discussion of ways to make that great work more known and understood by parishioners. Second, I am pleased to announce that the Vestry selected Rachel Colson to fill the current vacancy on the Vestry for a one-year term, and on Thursday she graciously accepted. Please join me in welcoming Rachel, who you recall was on the January ballot, to your Vestry!

    The next meeting of the Vestry will be on March 20.

    Vestry News, January 23, 2019

    by Senior Warden Laura Ingersoll

    The Vestry unanimously approved a balanced Operating Budget for 2019, based upon the nearly $1.3 million in pledges made to date (thank you, dear fellow parishioners!) and other income sources including $79,822 in unspent funds carried forward from 2018.  The budget funds our increasingly robust music program and anticipates hiring a youth director for the 2019-2020 program year.  It also accounts for ongoing planned maintenance and repair projects, and our communications infrastructure upgrade.  We increased our outreach budget (not including OpShop and other “pass-through” receipts/disbursements) to $111,516 to match our slightly increased annual Diocesan contribution – continuing to move each item toward our aspirational goal of a 10% tithe of the Operating Budget.  The Operating Budget, plus over $200,000 in pass-throughs (including WSA funds and designated Endowment Funds), tops $2 million.
    Director of Music Jeremy Filsell discussed a report prepared by Schantz Organ Company, based on a recent inspection and assessment of our organ, which recently received a comprehensive overhaul.   Our current organ was installed in 1998 to replace a much smaller 1928 instrument, and is deemed to be somewhat too large for our space and sub-optimally sited, leading to performance and maintenance challenges. While no near-term change is recommended, the Vestry will keep these factors in mind for the future.    
    Vestry members ending their terms of service gave heartfelt reflections on their Vestry experiences, and the end of the Vestry term was marked with chocolate cake! 
    The first meeting of the new Vestry will be on February 20.

    Vestry News, December 19, 2018

    by Senior Warden Laura Ingersoll

    The Vestry’s main business was a “first look” at the preliminary draft 2019 budget, based on a currently-anticipated pledge income jump of 7.5% above 2018 but less than our aspirational 10% increase.  By the time the Vestry gets the final balanced budget for enactment in mid-January, we will be working with the actual results of our annual pledge campaign.  To enable us to plan, we encourage all parishioners who haven’t already done so to please make their anticipated giving commitment for 2019!  The final budget will be presented at the Annual Meeting on January 27.
    We heard and discussed Vestry Member reports on the parish children’s program (by Lara McCoy Roslof) and youth program (by Tomás Montgomery), and on planned giving (by Julie Clements Smith).  Junior Warden Lucy Fraser Cage highlighted recent progress in completing the flagstone walkway work, siting the new high-speed internet capacity line (to run under Cathedral grounds), building out new office space to enable Director of Finance Doug Dykstra to be co-located with the clergy and other staff, and addressing water infiltration problems that have long plagued all three of our buildings. 
    Associate Rector Jim Quigley spoke movingly about his recent experience traveling with Bishop Mariann and other clergy to bear witness and to worship at the border between El Paso and Juarez.  
    The next regular Vestry meeting will be on January 23.

    Vestry News, November 28, 2018

    by Senior Warden Laura Ingersoll

    The Vestry accepted an annual outside auditors’ report that found our financials to be in fine shape. We allocated two substantial recent bequests (a $200,000 installment of the Griest bequest, and approximately $53,000 from Chris Larsen) to the Endowment, except for 20% which will go to the Reserve Fund to address significant water infiltration remediation issues in our three buildings. We established the John LeMoyne Ellicott and Beatrice Berle Meyerson Fund for General Purposes within the St. Alban’s Endowment Fund, and gratefully assigned to it $50,000 in gifts received for that purpose.
    Pursuant to the new bylaws, the Vestry appointed Ted Swett to continue Vestry service, filling out the two-year term vacated by Lucy Fraser Cage when she was appointed Junior Warden. We accepted the slate of candidates for election in January – Senior Warden: Paul Brewster, Ken Patterson; Junior Warden (one year): Lucy Fraser Cage, Bob Witten; Vestry (4 seats): Paul Brewster, Lucy Fraser Cage, Rachel Colson, Barbara Bolling Manard, Pamela Melby, Josepha Musabyemariya, Ken Patterson, Dudley Winthrop – and approved balloting procedures for publication online to the Parish. All Vestry members, wardens, officers, and diocesan delegates having made their 2019 pledges, we adjourned to conduct a phonathon to encourage parishioners who have not yet pledged to do so.                

    The next regular Vestry meeting will be on December 19.

    Vestry News, October 17, 2018

    by Senior Warden Laura Ingersoll

    Having had three opportunities to consider, discuss, and amend them, and following notice to and comment by parishioners, the Vestry unanimously approved the proposed 2018 parish bylaws to be presented to the parish for adoption at the October 28 Special Meeting.  (The proposed bylaws can be found here.)

    Vestry Member Tom Gustafson reported on the Adult Formation program, which centers on the weekly Parish Forum.  The Vestry took note that the Forum is not a series of ad hoc presentations to “inform” parishioners, but a very carefully thought-through program that aims to “form” us by engaging us in exploring aspects of our cherished traditions of faith, reason, and tradition.  Rector Geoffrey Hoare expressed confidence that anyone working through a two-year cycle of Forum programs will have undergone a significant Adult Formation.  The Vestry expressed appreciation for Ed Roslof, Associate Rector Jim Quigley, and those who assist them in the program. 

    The next regular Vestry meeting will be on November 28.

    Vestry News, September 19, 2018

    by Senior Warden Laura Ingersoll

    The Vestry appointed a Nominating and Elections Committee to recruit candidates for election in January, and heard Vestry Member reports on Newcomers (Glenn Davis), Personnel (Tom Gustafson), and the upcoming Annual Appeal (Walker Carter).  The Vestry approved the proposed new bylaws’ dissemination to the parish, for comment.  We authorized expenditures from the Reserve Fund to repair crumbling flagstone walkways and the Church building air conditioner, and to complete the audiovisual upgrade in Nourse Hall.  And we received with gratitude an initial distribution of $450,000 from the estate of longtime parishioners Guinevere L. Griest and her sister C. Jeanne Griest; 20% was assigned to the Reserve Fund, and the balance to the Endowment Fund.
    The next regular Vestry meeting will be on October 17.

    Vestry News, August 15, 2018

    by Senior Warden Laura Ingersoll

    The Vestry warmly welcomed and became acquainted with our new Music Director, Jeremy Filsell.  We celebrated the joyful news that the Lilly Endowment has awarded a grant to our Associate Rector Jim Quigley, to support his creative and adventurous three-month sabbatical in 2019. 

    The Vestry authorized payment from the Reserve Fund of the entire remaining balance (approximately $69,000) due to the Diocese for the no-interest loan we received in 2016 to cover severance payments for our former Rector. We continued discussion of the proposed new bylaws, revised to conform to new diocesan requirements and to correct minor anomalies, which will be published to the Parish for comment before being offered in final form for adoption at a special meeting of the Parish on October 28.  Chancellor Mary Kostel reported on developments at the recent triennial General Convention. 

    The next regularly scheduled Vestry meeting is September 19.

    Vestry News, July 18, 2018

    by Senior Warden Laura Ingersoll

    With regret, the Vestry accepted the resignation of Diane Adams as Junior Warden, expressing heartfelt appreciation for her service and gratitude that she will continue to live and worship among the St. Alban’s community.  The Vestry elected Vestry Member Lucy Fraser to serve as Junior Warden until the January 28, 2019, Annual Meeting. 

    As a Vestry Member serving on the Buildings and Grounds Committee, and head of the Garden Guild – and with long experience in real estate, property management, and corporate management, and an MBA in Finance and Real Estate – Lucy is particularly well suited to quickly and effectively step into Diane’s shoes.  Diane in fact proposed Lucy for the position, and heartily endorses her. 
    The main business was an introduction to the proposed new bylaws, revised to conform to new diocesan requirements, presented by Laura Ingersoll, with Jane Schubert and Glenn Davis, on behalf of the full Governance Committee.  The proposed new bylaws will later be discussed in depth by the Vestry and then published to the Parish for comment before being offered in final form for adoption at a special meeting of the Parish in October. 

    The next regularly scheduled Vestry meeting is August 15.

    Vestry News, June 20, 2018

    by Senior Warden Laura Ingersoll

    The Vestry took an hour-long guided tour of the parish buildings, led by Director of Operations Charles Porter and Junior Warden Diane Adams, to develop a common understanding of the range and condition of our spaces. Charles is winding up a comprehensive space-use assessment, and he and Diane are working to complete a list of long-deferred-maintenance projects (developed in part by parishioner Marc Fetterman; thank you, Marc!). Rector Geoffrey Hoare described the importance of making decisions about our extraordinary but complicated, spaces based on the evolving programmatic needs and ministry visions of the community, and the need to prioritize our spending on refurbishing and repurposing spaces. Myriad significant potential projects were identified.

    The Vestry applauded the leadership of Vestry member Lucy Fraser in continuing to beautify our landscape, working in concert with the Cathedral grounds staff.

    The Vestry approved funds for a specific plan to upgrade the parish’s
    telecommunications and internet connection infrastructure. This is a long-studied and extremely important step that will give us the capability to support improved phone service, a better website, and significantly enhanced cloud-based record-keeping and communications. The Vestry also approved funds to install
    upgraded audio-visual equipment and capability in Nourse Hall, and expressed gratitude to Ed Roslof and Warren Clark for their work on this, with Charles Porter. Both projects should be operational near the start of the program year in September.

    Senior Warden Laura Ingersoll presented a plan for a new online parish
    pictorial directory (also to be available in printed form), that will be enabled by the imminent internet connection upgrade. The directory project will be led by parishioners Marcy Fisher and Barbara Manard, and implemented in the fall.

    The next regular Vestry meeting will be on July 18.

    Vestry News, May 16, 2018

    By Laura Ingersoll, Senior Warden

    Parish Gala co-chair Abby Davis joyfully reported to the Vestry that the Gala raised nearly $37,000 for the schools we support in South Sudan, in Jordan, and in DC’s Columbia Heights, and she invited the Vestry to help re-think the purpose and format of future fundraising galas. Vestry member Walker Carter updated the Vestry on early plans for next Fall’s annual appeal campaign, which he and Suzy Mink will work on together with co-chairs Ashley and Dominic Bianchi in order to help parishioners commit to support the ongoing mission and ministries of our faith community.

    Senior Warden Laura Ingersoll reported on the Governance committee’s bylaws revision project, explaining that the proposed revised bylaws will be vetted by the Vestry over the summer and presented to the parish for comment, and then for approval, in the fall. She noted Geoffrey Hoare’s observation that the purpose of bylaws is not to address or resolve relational issues through legalistic means, but simply to set forth some procedures for managing certain canonically-required activities relating to parish governance. Geoffrey noted that the recent Diocesan Clergy Conference keynote speaker, Tony Morgan, authored a book entitled “The Unstuck Church” that offers interesting ideas for future consideration by the Vestry.

    The Vestry approved funds to repair an aged failed compressor in the Satterlee Hall air conditioning system. 

    The Vestry expressed dismay at the resignation of Emily DiBari, who has moved with her family to Clinton NY, for a new job and to be closer to the DiBari clan; the entire parish misses Emily, Chester, and their two boys! The Vestry elected Ted Swett to fill Emily’s seat, with the proviso that he continue his able service as Secretary. The Vestry appointed parishioner Abel Smith to the Standing Committee on Personnel. It was noted that parishioner Diana Gustafson will be
    ordained to the priesthood on June 16.

    The next regular Vestry meeting will be on June 20.

    Vestry News, April 18, 2018

    By Laura Ingersoll, Senior Warden

    Save the date! It was announced that Geoffrey Hoare’s installation as our Rector will be on Sunday, September 16, 2018, at 4:00 p.m., presided over by Bishop Mariann Budde. Plans are forming for a special celebration involving the whole Parish, so . . . stay tuned!

    Vestry member Leo Coco reported on pastoral care ministries of the parish, including the Stephen Ministry and the active involvement of so many parishioners in supporting one another. He noted that, while clergy have primary responsibility for pastoral care, we have been graced by the volunteer service and expertise of Pastoral Care Coordinator Jo Turner, whose three-year term will conclude at the end of August. Vestry members discussed the importance of nurturing a culture of mutual care among our faith community, and of effectively communicating the resources available for parishioners in need.

    Vestry member Jane Schubert reported on the current work of God’s Work in the World (GWW) – the Parish team commissioned by the Vestry in 2014 to coordinate and rationalize all the Parish’s outreach ministries. She noted that we are close to achieving the aspirational goal of having our outreach funding match our annual tithe to the Diocese ($105,565 in 2018) – not even counting $250,000 in WSA's distribution of Opportunity Shop revenue! Treasurer Hollis McLoughlin reminded the Vestry that, in addition to these cash disbursements, St. Alban’s also provides well over $100,000 in “in kind” contributions to social service entities that utilize our facilities, such as Iona Senior Services and numerous twelve-step programs. Jane also emphasized that our Parish outreach ministry seeks to engage parishioners in relationship with the entities that we fund.

    Geoffrey Hoare presented the Vestry with a strategic-vision discussion paper articulating the three core practices that he believes should undergird and inform the St. Alban’s community in faith and relationship: worship, service, and generosity. He invited the Vestry to reflect on these core practices, and the Vestry agreed to do so together over the course of the next three Vestry meetings. The next regular Vestry meeting will be on May 16.

    Vestry News, March 21, 2018

    By Laura Ingersoll, Senior Warden

    Culminating several weeks of discussion, discernment, and engagement with parishioners, the Vestry voted joyfully to elect our Priest-in-Charge, Geoffrey Hoare, to serve as our Rector – as reported in greater detail here.  Geoffrey responded with a profound reflection on the state of the Parish and our shared aspirations for the future of the St. Alban’s community. 

    Vestry members Emily DiBari and Michele Bond reported on Parish Life programs, and proposed an initiative that would invite parishioners to engage in joyful service through any of the myriad Parish Life activities, as time and energy allow.  Michele presented a survey of the parish’s various Worship Ministries.

    Vestry member Leo Coco reported on Associate Rector Jim Quigley’s plans for a Lilly Endowment National Clergy Renewal Program grant to support Jim’s anticipated 2019 sabbatical.  The grant application will be made by the Vestry, on behalf of the congregation, and is being prepared by Jim and an advisory team consisting of Leo, Michele Bond, Laura Ingersoll, and Wendy Reaves.  Jim has been accepted to a challenging 6-week study program of the Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem (check out the website!), and anticipates a month-long program of travel, study, and community engagement in South Africa and Lesotho. Because a clergy sabbatical is to benefit the parish – as well as to refresh, re-energize, and provide spiritual and intellectual nourishment to the priest – Jim will develop ways to ensure that the St. Alban’s community shares in his sabbatical experiences and growth.  Parishioners are encouraged to ask Jim or the advisory team about the Lilly application and Jim’s evolving plans, and to affirm support for the project.

    Geoffrey reported that Renée Patrick will join the staff on Monday as full-time Parish and Youth Program Administrator, and that Charles Porter will become Director of Operations.

    Parishioners are invited to join the April 4 First Wednesday supper, to be hosted by the Vestry. 

    The next regular Vestry meeting will be on April 18.

    Vestry News, February 28, 2018

    By Laura Ingersoll, Senior Warden

    We began this first regular meeting of the new Vestry on February 28 by celebrating the Eucharist, and commissioning the new members and officers.  Priest-in-Charge Geoffrey Hoare offered a thought-provoking homily reflecting on the important role of leaders in providing a “non-anxious presence” within a community.

    The Vestry heard a report from member Adrienne Allison on the work of the Global Mission committee, and Associate Rector Debbie Kirk provided a written update on Diocesan efforts on behalf of immigrants, particularly from Latin American countries.  Vestry member Michele Bond, on behalf of the Parish Life committee, asked the Vestry to help identify parishioners who might help work on the upcoming Gala silent auction.  We appointed members to the Vestry’s standing committees (listed on the parish website under “Our Lay Leaders”) for the 2018-19 term.  

    Geoffrey and Associate Rector Emily Griffin reported on the thriving children’s program, noting that several of our children participated in last weekend’s joyous Cathedral Music Festival under guidance of parishioner Brian Glosh (who is the Cathedral Chorister Program Manager). Thank you, Brian! 

    We expressed thanks and appreciation to our part-time Program Assistant Arrien Davison, who since last summer has done great work updating our parish membership rolls, and who is leaving to take a full-time job at Epiphany, downtown. 

    Regarding the Vestry’s ongoing process of discerning a potential call to Geoffrey to serve as our Rector, we shared input we’ve received from the parish in anticipation of our vote at the next Vestry meeting on March 21.

    Vestry News, February 7, 2018

    By Laura Ingersoll, Senior Warden

    The Vestry appointed Ted Swett to serve as Secretary, and re-appointed Hollis McLoughlin as Treasurer, Mary Kostel as Chancellor, and Corinna Gilmore and Woodfen McLean as Youth Vestry Members.

    This was a specially-called meeting to enable the new Vestry to discuss with our Bishop, Mariann Budde, the process of discerning whether the Vestry should call Geoffrey as our Rector.  To guide the conversation, the Senior Warden had offered a discussion paper reviewing the current three-year contract with Geoffrey, beginning on March 1, 2017, which provides that after 18 months (next September) the Vestry, Geoffrey, and the Bishop would “meet and determine whether it is in the mutual interest of the congregation and [Geoffrey]” for the Vestry to call him as Rector.  The Vestry has sensed that after almost a year with Geoffrey the congregation is prepared for us to undertake such a discernment now, and Bishop Mariann assured us the 18-month marker is not fixed, and it's up to us to decide when we're ready to move forward.  For that reason we have initiated the discernment process with Geoffrey and Bishop Mariann.  The discussion paper set forth some of the ways in which we have come to know Geoffrey, his evolving ministry among us, his skills and abilities, and his vision for our future.  Following robust conversation with Geoffrey and Bishop Mariann, and among ourselves, the Vestry emerged with the consensus that we intend to vote on whether to extend a call to Geoffrey to serve as our Rector, at our regular meeting on March 21.  In the six weeks between now and then, we will (1) clearly and widely communicate to the congregation our intention and how we are preparing for that decision, (2) invite members of the congregation to comment on the matter to the Vestry, and (3) take certain steps to ensure we exercise due-diligence appropriate for this important decision.  

    The Vestry will continue its discussion at the Vestry Retreat on February 16-17, and at the next regular Vestry meeting on February 28.

    Vestry News, January 17, 2018

    By Laura Ingersoll, Senior Warden

    The Vestry unanimously approved a nearly $2 million balanced budget for 2018, thanks to the $1.2 million in 2018 pledges received from parishioners to date.  The budget provides funding for a part-time children’s music director, and for a part-time administrative assistant who would free our Parish Administrator, Charles Porter, to work on pressing infrastructure and property maintenance matters.  We provided a cost-of-living adjustment increase to clergy and staff salaries, and added funds for music and an array of other parish programs.  We increased our Outreach budget (not including OpShop and other “pass-through” receipts) to $105,565 to match our slightly increased annual Diocesan contribution – moving each item toward our aspirational goal of a 10% tithe of the Operating budget (which now stands at about $1.8 million). 

    On the income side, the 2018 budget benefits from $218,582 in accumulated gifts carried forward from 2017, which resulted from good financial management as well as $100,000 in unanticipated income from pledges and other parish support.  The Vestry allocated those accumulated gifts as follows: $84,904 to the Operating Fund,  $53,678 to pay (through the Reserve Fund) for an identified array of long-deferred maintenance work, and $80,000 as an initial payment to the Diocese against the loan we received to cover the Rev’d Dr. Deborah Meister severance payments (which ended in November 2017).

    Associate Rector Jim Quigley reported that the monthly Mustard Seed collections will be replaced by intermittent collections, determined by clergy, to support responses to local, national, or international crises.  He announced that the annual parish Gala will be on Saturday, April 21.  Associate Rector Emily Griffin noted that St. Alban’s children are invited to participate in the Cathedral’s music festival on February 24-25.

    Vestry members and Diocesan Delegate ending their terms of service gave heartfelt reflections on their service.  And Ken Patterson brought one of his amazing cakes so we could celebrate Geoffrey Hoare’s birthday!

    The first meeting of the new Vestry will be on February 28.


    Summaries of previous Vestry meetings and meeting minutes are available in the archive.


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